November 30, 2018.

In this Series of Ten Tips Between Now and the Launch of the Mastermind Program on January 16, you’ll get Coaching, Advice and Practical Recommendations on what You Can do to Improve Your Business Results Starting Today.

Tip number 4: “Client Management is a lot more than delivering Customer Service. Exceed Expectations by delivering Service Excellence but also by Managing the client’s journey through the Sales Process, Lead Nurturing, the Close and post Sale.”

When American Express made the transition from mostly a consumer-focused company to a major provider of business services, it adopted and implemented the belief “The best way to help your B2B customers is to help them do their best with their customers.” Amex was very successful in building their B2B business as a result, but it required the full commitment of management and staff.

As a Digital Agency Owner, CEO or leader it is often difficult for you or your team to stay on top of Client Management at every step of the way due to the large number of customer demands, sales, operational, technical and systems issues. One Approach that works well and I strongly recommend it, is to commit yourself and your staff to working with clients using the Six Pillars of B2B Customer Experience Excellence.


1. COMMITMENT – Being enthusiastic about satisfying customers and making them feel
2. FULFILLMENT – Understanding and delivering on customer needs.
3. SEAMLESSNESS – Making life easier for the customer.
4. RESPONSIVENESS – Timely, response, delivery and resolution.
5. PROACTIVITY – Anticipating customer needs and desires and striving to resolve
issues before the customer feels pain.
6. EVOLUTION – Continually seeking to improve the customer experience.

There are some very compelling reasons why your business needs to outperform your competition in Client Management, but the actual data makes the strongest case.
• Happy Customers = more wp themes business from them (70% of satisfied customers will buy from you again).
• There is a 60% to 70% greater possibility of selling to an existing customer compared to a new one.
• 86% of buyers will pay extra for a better customer experience BUT only 1% of customers feel that vendors                consistently meet their expectations.
• It requires 12 positive customer experiences to mitigate one negative one.
• Unhappy customers will not buy from you again (91% of dissatisfied customers will never transact with you              ever).
• Each year, companies based in the United States collectively lose around $41 billion in sales because of bad              customer support.

As you implement Client Management strategies in your business, always keep in mind that it is about how you manage the clients’ experiences and expectations, how you engage and work with them, how you resource them. But, most important, “Client experience is the sum of all experiences a client has with an agency, over the duration of their relationship.”

For more insight into the growth of the Digital Industry and the challenges faced by Agencies, see my article “The Digital Era Has Arrived and so have Digital Agencies – But are they ready?”Published on LinkedIn
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Phil Richardson
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Phil was Google’s Business Coach for the Partner Academy Program for Canada and the US from April 2015, until its conclusion this Summer. In that role he coached 65 Digital Agencies and continues to work with Owners and CEOs today.