Business Coaching Services Offered

Initial Consultation

  • 45 Minute meeting to fully review client’s issues, priorities and develop framework and terms of Coaching Engagement. This will include discussion of Business Effectiveness Evaluation or Value Builder Score results if  the survey has been completed
  • Explanation of all deliverables to be provided by the Business Coach and expectations, commitment on the part of the client
  • Determination of best Coaching solution for the client and business: one-on-one or group and also frequency

One-on-One Coaching

  • Premium Coaching: Two one-on-one 90 minute and two 45 minute telephone coaching sessions every month
  • Moderate Coaching: One one-on-one and two 45 minute telephone coaching sessions every month
  • Start-Up Coaching: 3 – 4 Month Program for clients requiring kick-start coaching
  • Executive Coaching Program: Customized to the client’s needs

Group Coaching

Mentoring Owners and Management

  • Advise and act as a sounding board to owners and management
  • Assist in developing strategic plans and setting priorities
  • Serve as an objective but supportive adviser in problem solving and conflict management
  • Provide accountability in a role similar to that of an outside member of the Board

Coaching Tools

  • Business Effectiveness Evaluation
    (includes personality and behavioural testing, business effectiveness evaluation and financial benchmarking)
  •  Financial performance and results evaluated against key competitors and industry performance
  • Extended DISC personality assessment
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ™