How BizGrowth Coaching helps build the value of your business, achieve growth, profitability and improve its Sellability!

Introducing The Sellability Score Online Assessment Tool

The first step in the process is to determine how valuable, as measured by marketability, your business is today. In frank terms, if you wanted to sell your business would you have potential buyers and would you be able to obtain close to the price you thought you could expect!

Watch this brief video and we think you’ll find it quite an eye opener.

Now that you have an understanding of the concept, take the next step and let us help you get the most out of this new approach and breakthrough technology!

Take the FREE Sellability Online Assessment. It is a 13 minute, 100% confidential assessment and we’ll perform a detailed evaluation of your business, providing you with insights on …

    • How sellable your business is right now based on dozens of key sellability factors. On completion you will immediately receive a marketability score!
    • How you can very quickly begin reducing the number of hours you spend in your business, while building an asset you can sell in the future.
    • Areas of the business that can be more effectively automated, systemized and where you can delegate – freeing up more time for you right away and making the business more attractive to potential buyers.
    • If you want to take full advantage of the Sellability Score Assessment program, we will provide you with a comprehensive report, recommendations and even work with you to determine a probable actual selling price!!


Let us help you analyze your business and uncover the changes you can start making to unlock more freedom in your business. Start by taking the Sellability Assessment here…



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