The BizGrowth Coaching Advantage

The Coaching Advantage with BizGrowth Coaching, Inc. in the Greater Toronto AreaHere’s BizGrowth Coaching’s approach to business coaching … we work with you, the owner or senior executive, and if you wish, your top managers, on a regular basis. This may be three times a month, semi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly according to your needs and the requirements of the business. We can do this one-on-one, in groups with additional private time, or a combination of both. In our coaching meetings we set your personal and business goals. Together, we develop strategies, carry out detailed planning and prepare targeted actions plans which you will implement and be held accountable for, to ensure that you and your business achieve the greatest possible results within the shortest period of time.

“Put simply, business coaching works. In fact, when asked for a conservative estimate of monetary payoff … managers described an average return of more than $100,000, or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies.” – Fortune Magazine

We know from experience that if you implement sound and fundamental business practices in just the five core areas highlighted, your business will meet or exceed all expectations: Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Operations and Customer Relations. The problem that many business owners and managers have is that they get caught up in the day to day demands of the business and goals, objectives and action plans are quickly set aside. That is why we believe that our clients must be prepared to make a commitment, stick to the meeting schedule, implement action plans as agreed and follow through on personal development programs.

If you are ready to make the commitment to “take your business to the next level” of growth and profitability and to face your problems head-on, then now is a good time to talk to us about a business coaching engagement.

Together, we will mutually decide if there is a good fit with our company and services. If the answer is yes, we will work with you over the next 12-24 months to help you: increase sales to new and existing customers, improve service levels and customer retention and achieve better cash flow and profitability. Just as important, you will have the time and financial resources to do things outside of the business that you enjoy.