Improve your Company’s Value and Profitability – A Digital Agency Perspective

In this article we use the most practical approach to assess the Value of your Business – the price you would get from a potential buyer if you were to sell your business today. 3 Ways To Make Your Company More Valuable Than Your Industry Peers Have you ever wondered what determines the value of […]

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The Biggest Transfer of Wealth in History is taking Place Right Now – Here’s how You can Benefit!!

5 Tips on How to Make the Most of this Trend   We’re already seeing the biggest transfer of wealth in history with 76% of North American business owners planning to exit in the next 10 years!! It’s crept up on us, but if you haven’t noticed, the first wave of baby boomers are going […]

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How Healthy is Your Business? What You Need to Know and Why!

The majority of business owners and executives are fit, health conscious, exercise regularly and wouldn’t think of missing their annual “physical” with their doctors. Yet when it comes to treating their businesses with the same care and attention, some fail miserably! What many don’t realize is that just as with people, businesses display symptoms which […]

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Planning for Succession or Sale of your Business? Why you Should Start Now!

Why fire trucks always back in Have you ever noticed that fire trucks always back into the fire hall? Why don’t they just pull into their parking spot snout-forward like the rest of us? Backing in at the end of a shift saves them time when they have to get to a fire. They back […]

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Is Internet Marketing and Social Media the Solution for Small Business or just another Myth?

One of the most important principles advanced in his now classic “Guerrilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson is that small businesses can achieve success, even against large competitors because they can now conduct highly effective marketing at a fraction of the cost. At the heart of his “Guerrilla” strategies is the use of internet marketing […]

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